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99 Luftballons
Coins clicked onto the countertop beside a knot of red balloons. Nena and Carlo watched anxiously as the storekeeper counted out the change before sending them on their way with a smile. The two children ran with joy in their hearts through the streets, leaving an air of bliss that cut through the tension taut over their heads.
Ninety-nine red balloons held by rocks waited in the field just on the edge of town; the fruit of their day's labor. Giggling, they ran to and fro, releasing the balloons all at once into the sunny summer sky. As the last drifted into the bright abyss, the two danced together beneath the red cloud. Faces appeared in windows, hearts eased ever so slightly by the sight of childhood innocence.
Within concrete confines, a green blip appeared on a scope. Pulled from his nervous boredom, the soldier sat up and watched as the radar swept around once more. The blip grew. Heart leaping into his throat, the man called for his superior. A stern face hurried over, its eyes
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Rise of the Civil Conglomerate
I was a soldier during the election. We followed it closely, getting very political ourselves. At the time I was an independent who believed in democracy; the way I saw it, good or bad, a society can only exist when it's run by the people, and in democracy the people get the government they deserve. It was up to them to learn from their mistakes, make better decisions in the future, and that would create a better nation than one just told what to do. But now I don't know what to think.
The election itself felt revolutionary. There he was, an up-and-comer from humble beginnings with a noble track record in government. He was everything this country needed in a president: he respected his opponents, conducted himself professionally, spoke with direct honesty, kept his statements modestly realistic, and genuinely cared about taking care of the country and its people.
To fight him, the established career politicians fronted something revolutionary themselves. They knew he would beat anothe
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Man on Fire
I saw him there. He walked with a purpose, a drive. I couldn't tell you what it was, but I saw him there.
I saw the darkness. The decay poured from him. I don't know its painful source, but I saw it there.
I saw his pain. A fire spouting from his heart. I don't know how the ash turned to lava, but I saw it there.
I saw that relief. The corruption melting off his bones. I don't know how it felt, but I saw it there.
I heard a cry. His lungs were crushed by agony. I don't know how he bottled it up, but I saw it there.
I saw him there. A man burning in his own mind. I can't call that living, but I saw it there.
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The Autumn Riots
It started with whispers and footsteps in the dead of night. Desperate Drag workers crept from their quarters and broke into the storage buildings while most of their guards slept. Tires were slashed and cans of gasoline spilled over the harvest, very nearly ready to be reaped its bountiful yield. With the strike of a match blue flame rippled across the crop, consuming it in a towering inferno.
Alarm quickly spread as the Citizen guards awoke, charging from their barracks into the darkness with clubs at the ready. Everyone ran to the growing blaze, where they immediately clashed with the rebellious workers. Drags still loyal to their masters speedily set upon the fire with buckets as the melee raged incomprehensibly amid the glowing chaos.
Papers reached every eye, immortalizing the broadcasts of an impending food shortage. The Drags knew the hardship would be theirs to bear as the Citizens ate heartily. Protests formed outside government buildings, crowds of discontent congealing agai
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The Feel Good Drag
Between skeletal buildings along an avenue stood bulky vehicles flanked by soldiers in dehumanizing armor. Through their largely featureless helmets they scanned the surrounding ruins of the demilitarized zone in search of heat signatures, audio echoes, electromagnetic radiation, and any other sign of impending ambush.
An explosion suddenly threw one vehicle, smoldering, onto its side. The troops dove for cover amid the concrete rubble as bullets filled the air from all directions. Infrared beacons designated friend and foe through the technologically-enhanced chaos of battle as their equally-equipped aggressors fired from the destroyed buildings.
Ragged civilians scampered from the perimeter, clustering closer to the helipads as troops took up defensive positions around the war-scorched park. Searing lines blazed through the dust amid static-infused shouts and the drone of gunfire. A rumble from the heavens rose amid the chaos as a dozen or so helicopters appeared just over the crumbl
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"I know not what to do." the inquisitor said aloud. Expanding beyond his comprehension spread the overwhelming complexities of the world. The struggles of every citizen, the agendas of every politician, all interweaving to create an inexorable maelstrom in which he was but an imperceptible part.
He fancied he heard a sigh from within the machine sitting beside him. A breath of despair from the mechanical lungs of a being once just as human as he, now suspended in an automation between life and death. KgM110's cold circuits began to articulate.
"Go home. Hug your wife. Eat with your children. Be to the world the man you wish to be to them. Make not my mistake. Do not sacrifice that which you love for that which you think you must do, lest you become nothing more."
Within the electronic speech reverberated a paralyzing sorrow which pressed upon the inquisitor as powerfully as a wave pushed by the ocean. With a sudden clarity in his heart, he turned to his companion.
"Who were you? Before
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We Are the Wolves
Raven's heart pounded in her ears, drowning out the rustle of branches as they tore against her flesh. Overhead shone thin shafts of moonlight that pierced the black canopy of her nightmare. Each breath reopened the cuts of cold in her throat as she ran through thick uncertainty.
Faint lines of blood crossed the graceful designs on her skin, leaving spots on her white dress. She couldn't stop for long, the breath of fear was already warm on her neck. Through the heavy shadows the girl sensed the wolves prowling silently across the undergrowth.
Another burst of energy launched her deeper into the forest. The scream of a cougar froze her blood and Raven stopped amid the towering trees. Before her stood a stranger, waiting in the darkness with an expression of dangerous delight. There was nowhere to run.
With unmistakable aggression he advanced, but halted at the rising of a howl that echoed through the woods at Raven's back. Before she could turn, three figures stalked around her, facing
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Mature content
The Initiation Ritual :iconmousedenton:MouseDenton 0 0
A Witch Hunt
Hakrel stared into space as he lifted the mug to his mouth. Azim gazed attentively at the old man, black and blue ink staining his lined face in exotic patterns. The old hunter didn't pay her any attention as he finished his drink, placing it on the wooden table in view of the barkeep. The apprentice waited patiently as he internally debated.
Illuminated in the orange glow of several dozen torches, a crowd of men clad in long coats and wide hats marched from a wood-shrouded village. Vengeful purpose drove their boots through the puddles dotting the dirt road, their gloved hands dutifully fastened around brass rifles and powder charges. The women watched them go in dangerous silence, their own faces either shining with apprehension or dimmed by grim approval.
As planned, the party divided into smaller groups that proceeded into the dark forest along different routes. So terrible was their presence that the nocturnal creatures of the woods made themselves scarce. A long simmering wrath h
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Faceless Suits
Gun smoke swirled through the dead silence of a dim hotel room. Sean sat on the bed, the revolver still warm in his hands. Moira hadn't moved from the corner, her horrified expression froze in place as she gazed at the corpse near the door. A black suit and tie adorned a haunting figure devoid of features with skin as white as paper. It had no face, no ears, and there was no blood.
Sean didn't know what had just happened. Moira's last scream echoed in his ears. All at once the haze cleared from his mind as a single thought snapped his head around.
"We have to go." His urgent tone pulled Moira from her own dull panic and she stood up. A floor down they heard the screech of tires and slamming doors, but no sirens. Hastily but without a word the two grabbed only the necessities and dashed into the hall.
"No! Not the elevator!" Moira shouted, leading the way to the fire exit. Single drops fell through the calm city from a black sky. Pulling their coats on they made their way down the alley
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Manifesto of the Civil Conglomerate
The critical flaw in democracy is that people are inherently hedonistic creatures willing to cause undue hardship upon their fellow man to elevate themselves. Even when they do act in the interests of the whole, their judgment is impaired by their ignorance and the decisions they make will invariably lead to more harm than good. This is because hedonism and ignorance are byproducts of the human instinct of greed.
Greed served mankind well in the early days as its ancestors lived in caves and fought for survival every minute. Then, it was the manifestation of safety; enough food not to have to hunt, safety from predators, comfort from the elements. That drive was crucial to keeping the species alive. But as humanity developed civilization, its environment changed. The new artificial world of towns and cities, tools and weapons, agriculture and industry, and universal surplus has satisfied those necessities.
Yet greed remained. Unable to adapt so quickly to that new world where its purpo
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Requiem for the Youth
My love forlorn has got me torn
For they sealed my fate before I was born
To fuel their greed through evil deed
Boys for war is what they need
Instilled in we an apathy
To kill a man who's just like me
They say to fight for what is right
But how grotesque is the sight
Of life and love in that dove
Impaled by hatred from above
Fear and anger bred of danger
Until the mirror shows a stranger
This damage can I rectify
When all I know is but a lie
How can we say that we are free
As this torture fulfills our glee
Within this storm we are rendered torn
For our fate was sealed before we were born
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The Killer's Conviction
I do not hate the enemy. They're not like me, they are me. Family, friends, hopes, dreams, aspirations, plans for the future, unrealized potential to help humanity. Maybe we're all just victims of the powerful's lusts for more, products of an uncaring society that favors horrifying violence over diplomacy, control over cooperation. We have more in common with each other than with any of those that sent us here.
But here we are. The cultures our peoples grew, the political agendas they're governed by, the social circumstances in which their members live, these all have driven our paths to cross in this crucible of death and dominance, flesh and steel, fear and conviction. These titanic, complex, and intricate factors beyond our control all have conspired to leave us no choice but to kill one another. It's me or him.
I will kill the enemy. Whether or not I believe in it, I will carry out the will of my people. And for that reason I do not bear the burden of this terrible act alone. For t
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Miss America
I love this girl, even though I have every reason not to. An addict living in a bad neighborhood in unsanitary conditions, she sleeps around with abusive guys and refuses to accept help or advice from anyone unless it'll get her another fix. She doesn't even have the forethought or discipline to do the dishes or laundry, blowing all her money on temporary, feel-good solutions like freshener and painkillers as she ignores piling garbage and grievous disease. Worst of all she has a child, completely lost in this home of rotting decadence.
Every night I stop by, checking to make sure things haven't gotten too out of hand. I'll stand guard, take a look around, and try comforting her kid, who I can tell is already terrified of being forced down the same path with no clear way out. It breaks my heart that's all I can do. I want to tie her down, fight off the thugs and loan sharks, bring in doctors and cleaners at gunpoint, and save her and her child from this misery she wallows in.
But I can
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Responsibility of the Citizen
A citizen should be solely inclined to vote for a particular party or candidate based exclusively on their agreement with the ideals and intentions of said representative. To succumb to any other influence is to degrade the very foundation of democracy and jeopardize its prosperity.
Citizenship is one's membership within a society, thereby granting them rights and privileges as supplied and protected by such. However, these benefits carry responsibilities for the individuals who enjoy them. Therefrom comes the purpose of legislation; to enforce the individual's responsibility towards their fellow citizen.
The foundation of civilization is the citizen's obligation to contribute to the sustainment and improvement of their society. This is most obviously a repayment of a debt to their community for the lifestyle made possible through the efforts, work, and sacrifices made by other and previous members of that society. Less obvious is their philosophical responsibility.
In any form of gove
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Doing your job
The phrase "not my responsibility" is one I hate. As a member of an institution, be it a club, company, or military unit, your job is to complete the group's mission. That covers everything from doing your part to aiding others in doing theirs. While it may not be your job to fulfill a specific contribution towards the end-goal, it is your responsibility to make sure it gets done.
This is the core of a good work ethic; the drive not only to complete your own tasks to the best of your ability and regardless of personal inhibitions, but to ensure all tasks are completed to their maximum potential. If an imperative objective is not reached by another department, your own work will not be enough to achieve success, regardless of its quality.
The Marine Corps adheres to the philosophy of "every Marine a rifleman", meaning that regardless of their occupation within the military, every Marine is capable of joining the fight. However, this is not restricted to combat. Every Marine is expected
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I'm still around and coming up with occasional ideas for designs, stickers, morale patches, etc. Might upload more stuff regarding literature, but that'll probably be saved for when I finally get an actual website set up. Art will go here, boring word documents over there. That's the dust-collecting plan, at least.

Other than that, nothing to report. Besides my continued survival and newfound interest in CS:GO (yay or nay), it's been same shit different day.


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DunkleMaterie Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017
Jollyjack banned me like a typical tolerant "Leftist" so I have to answere here.

You may be right about who sits on the President seat and speak true words. But even symbolical meaning is important.
I rather have a vulgar Trashtalker sitting there as a Psychopath Massmurder Whore. ; )
MouseDenton Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2017
I don't buy into the perception that Hillary Clinton is either of those things (and I don't know her personally, so I won't pass judgement on her intimate life).
DunkleMaterie Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2017
Out of curiousity, do you believe Hillary is a normal Person or a Psychopath?
Lets face it she embodys everything that made the USA the most hated Nation in the world.
And it is certainly not Northkorea or any kind of middle East country.

We got many "Northkorea understanders" by now since the situation with Germany and the USA is ironically everything that Nordkorea wants to avoid.
Which is a faggot occupation army that tries to convince everyone of the lie that they are their allys and very trigger-happy when the local Natives do not smile and nod.

Alltough the Civilians are not shot here, instead opposing people tend to... get a heartfailure, drown in their bathtube without any water in their lungs according to autopsy and any kind of people branded Nazis, Racists etc. for wanting *THEIR NATION TO STAY THEIR OWN* and this is everything,
what the economy-Mafia and Hillary have a problem with.

Maybe Kim Yong Un is crazy and dangerous but I do not care. B-) Why?
Cause this is not what the West has a problem with. As long as he would be "pro USA".
They are indeed very similar to Duterte in that regard.

No they just don't like that it is Northkoreans that decide the fate of the Northkorean people.
And this awakening will happen everywhere. Fuck the EU, fuck Globalists, fuck ehtnic-Mixing and culture-destroying and fuck Nativehostility.
MouseDenton Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017
I'm not going to bother telling you any more of what I think because that would be a complete waste of time. You're committed to thinking (or at least speaking) a certain way, and there's nothing written by an anonymous stranger you've already decided to disagree with can do to change that.

Instead I'll give you some advice; pull your head out of your ass. If you're going to discuss politics with strangers:
Don't treat them like targets of opportunity,
Don't spout ridiculous propaganda to aggravate them,
Don't the dialog as a platform to preach irrational claims that validate your own equally illogical, emotional opinions.
People aren't blocking you because they're sensitive snowflakes; they're blocking you because you're degrading the global political discourse.

Some specific pointers:
Calling someone you don't like a "Psychopath" makes it look like you don't actually have any solid evidence as to why others should also oppose that person.
Avoid overly general statements like "the USA [is] the most hated Nation in the world"; that's not a fact that can be measured, it's an opinion, or at best a personal observation.
Explain connections between global events, preferably with a short description of the two and then why they're similar, otherwise people will have no idea what "the situation with Germany and the USA" has to do with "Northkorea understanders", or even what this "faggot occupation army" is.
Provide sources of any horrendous events taking place, because anyone can say they're being persecuted by their government, but that doesn't make it true.
Avoid using obscenities in general
And finally, avoid using combative rhetoric, as it shows you're not interested in a discussion or even a debate, but just want to scream and shout like a child having a tantrum about how you're right and everyone else is wrong.
kanovsky Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Student General Artist
thanks for the fave!
MouseDenton Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016
Any time!
mentat0209 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016
Thanks for the :+fav: on The Highwayman
MouseDenton Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016
You're welcome, I love the texturing!
mentat0209 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2016
It took a lot of time! Thank you very much!
OnlyTheGhosts Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015
You may be inspired by some of this guy's photography…
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