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The Drones
Corporal stared through the dark red liquid to the wood below. Fields of ash under black midday skies. Screams through the roar of flames consuming wood. Comfort in the proximity of men melded with machine. He'd been unemployed for twenty-three months now, but he only knew that by the date on his benefits checks.
The bar was warm, but to take off his coat and hat would draw attention. Most establishments refused to serve his kind as they returned from the war. Monsters, murderers, abominations, traitors to their own humanity. Nobody would acknowledge him in the street, much less give him any work. The stillness was a worse enemy than any he'd faced.
Superhuman strength, senses, reflexes, endurance. The epitome of humanity combined with the cutting edge of technology in the most noble of causes. But the mind is slow to accept metal and circuitry as replacements for flesh and nerves. There were sacrifices, failures, accidents. As the country sent them to war, they became the image of art
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X-COM postwar interview
Excerpts from an interview with Colonel Alex Martinez, one of the most heavily modified members of the multinational special forces unit known as X-COM.
How did you end up in the X-COM project?
The project itself was kept top-secret at the time, so only a select few headhunters were actually looking for applicants. It was some real Hollywood spy stuff. I'd been running with the American special forces for some time when they came to me and said 'we have a job for you, but we can't tell you anything about it and you have to accept or decline right now'. Naturally I accepted.
What was the culture like on the frontlines against an unknown foe threatening all humanity?
It wasn't that much different from what I was used to. The military is a melting pot of all sorts, the only common denominator is everyone's really weird. You have to be to be in this line of work. But we were all capable, committed, and did everything we could to execute our missions to a T. The fact we
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Dredge - Introduction
Deep beneath the dark waves lies a myriad of truth clutched against the loving bosom of the sea. But few brave her turbulent waves and catastrophic storms in search of such immeasurable treasure. Amid the ballet of vessels entering and leaving the port of Everdeen, one small craft passes almost unnoticed, ever so cryptic in its intentions. Manned by a solitary sailor, the Walkure departs to the setting sun and returns well before the night's end.
Born with a warrior spirit, the once proud whale catcher drifts to sea with the air of a soldier long since relieved of his duties resolutely returning to an unfinished, thankless task. For she has been reborn for a much less industrious purpose; to aid her skipper's endless crusade into the depths of their shared mistress, to whom he is just as much a servant as the loyal Walkure.
Scars litter the coarse flesh of the man known to those in the small port as a shadow at the bar's edge. Those familiar with him are few, making his n
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The Diver
Rupert pulled the bulky diving suit from the wall, the wood from which it'd hung creaking as the waves pushed against the opposite side. Droplets of rain from the black sky landed rhythmically, matching the routine with which he donned his gear and secured the heavy diving helmet. Stepping from warmth he crossed the small boat's deck to a ladder, several tubes tailing behind as he went.
With a harpoon gun in one hand he expertly swung over the starboard side and carefully descended, one heavy metal boot after the other, towards the inky blackness. In the glow of his headlamp Rupert watched the chain of his anchor follow his journey, the rust-coated links telling sorrowful tales of past failures and regrets, but never abandonment. No, the old metal still held for him.
Eventually he reached the seabed, wrapped in pitch blackness as silt billowed about his feet. Remembering where the chain had drifted out of view, the diver left the swaying ladder. The water pressed in on all sides, he co
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Quarantine Warning by MouseDenton Quarantine Warning :iconmousedenton:MouseDenton 3 0 Dirtybomb Fallout by MouseDenton Dirtybomb Fallout :iconmousedenton:MouseDenton 3 0 Touch him!!! by MouseDenton Touch him!!! :iconmousedenton:MouseDenton 0 5
Analysis of the Combine Strategy
by Gen. William H. Reid
In the years since the Seven Hour War, we've been meticulously studying the Combine. Together with data collected from across the globe during their occupation and our cooperation with the Vortigaunts, we've formulated a strong theory about their overall strategy, and its vulnerabilities.
The biggest question that's been plaguing us is how they were able to destroy all Earthly resistance at the height of our military power, and yet be unable to eliminate a small rebel group. By going over the details of what happened in the Seven Hour War, we believe it's simply because the Combine are militarily incompetent.
The war started shortly after the Black Mesa Incident, suggesting they jumped right into the invasion without taking time to study us first. The sudden appearance of alien transmissions during the war supports this. Their attack was sudden, global, and simultaneous, but their military units showed little, if any, coordination with one another. It was simply
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Idiotizing Radiation by MouseDenton Idiotizing Radiation :iconmousedenton:MouseDenton 1 2 Cultural Pollution by MouseDenton Cultural Pollution :iconmousedenton:MouseDenton 5 1 PART V: Patriots and Traitors by MouseDenton PART V: Patriots and Traitors :iconmousedenton:MouseDenton 2 0 PART IV: Patriots and Murderers by MouseDenton PART IV: Patriots and Murderers :iconmousedenton:MouseDenton 1 0 PART III: Patriots and Opportunists by MouseDenton PART III: Patriots and Opportunists :iconmousedenton:MouseDenton 1 0 PART II: Patriots and Loyalists by MouseDenton PART II: Patriots and Loyalists :iconmousedenton:MouseDenton 2 1 PART I: Patriots and Witnesses by MouseDenton PART I: Patriots and Witnesses :iconmousedenton:MouseDenton 1 0 General Orders Wallpaper by MouseDenton General Orders Wallpaper :iconmousedenton:MouseDenton 3 0

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I'm still around and coming up with occasional ideas for designs, stickers, morale patches, etc. Might upload more stuff regarding literature, but that'll probably be saved for when I finally get an actual website set up. Art will go here, boring word documents over there. That's the dust-collecting plan, at least.

Other than that, nothing to report. Besides my continued survival and newfound interest in CS:GO (yay or nay), it's been same shit different day.


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