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Tears of a Soldier by Hardedge-Maelstrom

When we search for images of soldiers online, we are overwhelmed with both factual and fictional depictions of soldiers in great glory,...


I've got a plan... by MouseDenton
I've got a plan...
In these trying times of crisis and confusion, it's our responsibility as sane-minded and honorable citizens to FREAK THE FUCK OUT!!!
AntiFa by MouseDenton
Think back one year and five months. Now think about a second. Too late--it's gone. Now thing about all the seconds between right now and that moment almost a year and a half ago. That's how long it would take to count every civilian death in WWII (by conservative estimates). 45 million men, women, and children killed in the greatest armed conflict in human history. And that's not counting the mere 15 million soldiers killed in the Great War. Why'd it happen? A number of reasons, but most predominantly Hitler's Nazi Germany.

So why do we romanticize it? The Germans seem to be the only people on this planet who took that whole "never again" shit to heart; neo-Nazis are branded as hate groups and banned from politics, they created the European Union to prevent another war on the continent, even the youth are taught the atrocities their grandparents suffered at the hands of the Third Reich, leading to overwhelming counter-protests whenever the jackbooted-racists exercise their right to free speech. They've even sacrificed much of their own culture to create a melting-pot within German society.

But I don't see that in the rest of the world. From the rise of ultra-right parties in Europe to the constant use of Holocaust puns on the internet, from comical depictions of the conflict in movies and video games to animes made by the country who single-handedly slaughtered upwards of 50 million innocent civilians in China during their free reign over the West Pacific. I don't understand it.

And I'm not talking about thinking those uniforms were snazzy, or sympathizing with the poor bastards stuck in a system they never wanted a part of being forced to do terrible things to keep their families safe. I'm talking about turning the idea of a "Nazi" and making it into something cute or funny. It's not. Regardless of what you think about the Jews, the Nazis also killed another 7 million Christians, Muslims, blacks, gays, Communists, Gypsies, anybody who had non-Aryan genes was exterminated before they could spread their corrupt chromosomes. Women, too, were considered inferior and subjugated to house work and pumping out babies to be raised as soldiers of the Fatherland.

If you told somebody everything that went on, they'd dismiss it as too impossibly far-fetched to even make a movie out of. But this happened. And the sooner we grow to appreciate that, the better equipped we'll be to keep it from happening again. If we keep treating it as a huge joke or some closet-fetish, we'll doom ourselves to experience it all over again.

PS: I know the bloodstains are ugly, but I didn't want this so easily hijacked by those I'm preaching against.
Limited Freedom of Speech Zone by MouseDenton
Limited Freedom of Speech Zone
America, 2009. Without federal stimulus support, the recession turns into a depression. Billions of dollars vanish from the global market. Small businesses go extinct, while multinationals shrink drastically. The world economy crashes as prices skyrocket and exports plummet. Then, when things couldn't get any worse, the unthinkable happens.

Amid a political climate more polarized than at any point in history, the first African-American President of the United States is assassinated by a mad radical. Tensions explode like fault lines, driving a violent wedge between Mexican immigrants and southern locals, jobless artists and skilled workers, the rich and the poor, liberals and conservatives. In an attempt to avoid bloodshed, the government declares martial law. The effect is disastrous.

Ideological militias, desperate neighborhood watches, and enraged individuals take up arms against one another to survive as food becomes scarce, utilities rare, and medicine matched in value only by ammunition. In their fear and paranoia, citizens turn on one another with fatal results. More and more armed groups appear as the government struggles to provide protection across the massive country scattered with countless small towns.

The police are quickly overwhelmed by the constant muggings, robberies, assaults, kidnappings, and murders. For the first time in public history, the government declares DEFCON 1, calling all service men and women to duty and recalling troops from overseas. Public tension escalates in response to the occupation, which serves as a catalyst for the formation of ideological insurgencies.

Though only loosely tied together via digital means, four main groups manage to establish themselves amid the chaos: the ultra-right wing Constitutionalists, those still willing to work with the current system of government, the leftist Europe-inspired United Citizens, and a small network of those trying to provide apolitical aid across the country. The result is a five-way free-for-all between the libertarians of the south, the socialists occupying the east coast and most major cities, the United States military with its focus on national resources, Mexican drug cartels pushing north into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and even southern California, and private security contractors hired by corporations to protect their influences with lethal force.


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United States
Standard-issue socialist atheist asexual gun-loving Eagle Scout.
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I'm still around and coming up with occasional ideas for designs, stickers, morale patches, etc. Might upload more stuff regarding literature, but that'll probably be saved for when I finally get an actual website set up. Art will go here, boring word documents over there. That's the dust-collecting plan, at least.

Other than that, nothing to report. Besides my continued survival and newfound interest in CS:GO (yay or nay), it's been same shit different day.

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